2014 Marché Catalogue

The first-ever Philippine Online Bridal Magazine now launched its first-ever 2014 Online Bridal Catalogue:

This is for the victims of both man and nature.

The struggle for humanity has always been a constant issue. We are troubled by coexisting with our fellowmen and know so little of their intentions. And the children housed under the CRIBS Foundation received the hurtful side of these intentions.

The CRIBS Foundation was founded in 1974 with the vision of creating a safe and loving home for abused, abandoned, and traumatized children. It also extends its kindness to young girls who were scarred by the horrors of sexual abuse, guiding them to a life of healing and love.

But there are also some horrors that go beyond human control.

Super typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) devastated the Philippines during the early weeks of November 2013. Families from Eastern Visayas were left homeless, broken, and in grief; and the city of Tacloban, once quiet and simple, suddenly became the center of the world’s aid.

In light of these issues, we at Marché PH wholeheartedly dedicate this year-end issue to the children at the CRIBS Foundation and to the families affected by the super typhoon Yolanda. This is for the victims who fought for their lives, and for the survivors who stand as our inspirations.

We salute your hearts filled with courage and faith. We salute your will to stand strong and united. We will forever remember your stories and will keep the light glowing until you all find your way home.

Marché 2014 Catalogue



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