Aldwin and Irheen

Aldwin and Irheen

Photos by: 4iphotovid
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Mobile: 0915-283-6907 / 0922-501-9572
Address: Guerdon Commercial Bldg Katipunan St. corner Rainbow St. Concepcion Dos SSS Village Marikina, Marikina City

There was a certain kind of perfection that roamed within the smiles of Aldwin and Irheen. And with a little bit more of 4i Photovid’s magic, it was love that spelled the rest of how perfect it was. It was the merging of two beauties—that of Aldwin and Irheen’s, and the one produced by 4i Photovid’s ingenuity. Clearly, it was a combination as lovely as the couple.

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Wedding Suppliers:

Church – Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Antipolo | Preparation & Reception – LeBlanc | HMUA – Val Villarin | Event Planner/Coordinators – BCEM by Feliz

Federick and Arianne

Federick and Arianne

Photos by: Blinkboxphotos
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Federick and Arianne’s wedding received a sweet amount of drizzle. But despite the overcast, their love proved to be as vibrant and as full of life as their motif. As the beads of rain trickle down the windows, the same crystal beauty walks down the aisle to her man. Every raindrop was a second that belonged to their Forever, every swooping breeze was a comforting blessing from God, and every smile Federick and Arianne exchanged was a testament of their love.

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Wedding Suppliers:

Wedding Gown: Rommel Pareja | HMUA: Rommel Pareja

Make Up by Bea Almeda

Make Up by Bea Almeda

Undoubtedly, Bea Almeda is the Midas counterpart for beauty. Aesthetics has always been part of her work, but with her unparalleled skill and creativity, her craftbecomes the basis of how great aesthetics should look like.  Under her care, brides and grooms, and anyone donned in gowns and suits alike is sure to strut any celebration with grace and confidence.

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Make-up: Bea Gatdula Almeda | Photo: Sights Photography | Video: Sneak Peek Video | Hair: Marvin Eustaquio | Styling: Ruth Mae Martinez | Gowns: Joel Escober, Jamie Go, Mara Chua, Evelyn Guerrero of New Creations | Casual: Bella Inc. | Shoes: Melissa | Accessories: Gargantilla | Venue: Crimson Hotel | Models: Faye, Jo Anna and Yana of Chameleon Modelling Agency


Carlo and Cheryl

Carlo and Cheryl

We’ve been together for almost 10 years., (high school sweethearts). Marriage is not our priority not until we had our first baby, it was 2010 when Cheryl got pregnant to Czy,. We became matured and think of our future after that. We decided to get married last year, September 2013 as we celebrate our 9th year anniversary. It was fun doing all our diy’s wedding, from the invitation down to the venue styling (day before the wedding). We also started a business (handmade bouquets and wedding accessories) from our wedding preps. We build the Cheri Handicrafts name last year while preparing for our wedding (another blessing from God).We enjoyed every preparation from meeting our supplier-turned-friends to gathering information and details of the wedding. Glitches were there but it doesn’t affect the overall wedding, even the weather we’re very cooperative. We feel the blessing of the Lord to us by making our dream wedding come true.

How and Why did we choose our suppliers?

We prayed for our supplier. We asked God to lead us to a supplier that will help us make our dream wedding as memorable as it is. And He answered us. From photographer/videographer down to small suppliers., they we’re great., Until now we exchange conversation on Facebook – 100% thumbs up to all our suppliers.

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Wedding Suppliers:

PHOTOGRAPHER: Marc Franco of Digital Lights Images | VIDEOGRAPHER: Freshminds Photography | COORDINATOR: Kiss the Girl Events by Abby Basa | HOTEL PREPS: Crimson Hotel Alabang | CATERING: Queensland Catering | VENUE: Ysabels Garden, Bf Resort Las Pinas City | HOST: Madz and Dhzei Band | HMUA: Christine “Khite” Bautista | Bridal Car: Ida Santos “Volksy” | Venue Styling: Couple and Entourage | Priest: Rev.Fr. Danilo Gaerlan | Handmade flowers: Cheri Handicrafts | Gown and Suit: Venessa Ocampo

Junah and Bernadette  (A Never-Ending Love Affair)

Junah and Bernadette (A Never-Ending Love Affair)

January 14, 2012

Both of us are nurses bound to travel in Abu Dhabi for our first work abroad. We don’t know each other during that day and we came from different agencies. We did not even meet in NAIA eventhough we were there in the same waiting area but rather in Qatar Airport since we were in a connecting flight with some of our collegues who are also starting their work in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. The flight was delayed maybe an hour from Manila, so when we arrived in Qatar, we were all in a hurry to catch the flight going to Abu Dhabi. During that time, he was not really the one that was supposed to be seated beside me but due to delays in flight, maybe accidentally or purposedly he was seated beside. And that was the first interaction we had. He was very eager to talk to me, I don’t know why. But during that time I was really tired and did not even bother him that much.

When we arrived in Abu Dhabi Airport, I had a hard time getting my things from the conveyor and luckily he was there beside me again and so I asked for his help. That was really the time when I noticed him. As what he is saying now, sinadya ko daw ipabuhat yun luggage ko kasi like ko na daw cya agad nun. Oh well, boys will be boys. We were in the same group during the orientation in the hospital. That was the time I really knew more about him. He was very eager and motivated to kinda pursue me. He picks me up after work whenever we are in the same shift. He even wants to have lunch breaks with me. During those time, he was not the only one courting me but maybe because of his personality and being fun to be with are the reasons why he stand out among the rest. I don’t know if it was destiny, or it was meant to be, or the stars aligned to create the situation where we could meet. But whatever it is, I am indeed thankful for having him in my life. He is a very good man. And after a few months of courting, I said yes. And that was the start of our beautiful relationship.  He was my travel buddy from then on. We went to Coron, Bohol, Cebu and even Turkey. Can’t wait to have more adventures with him.

December 22,2013

The day he proposed his love for me and in front of all our friends during a party here in Abu Dhabi. It was like our Christmas celebration already. He made a movie/video clip from the time he came in Abu Dhabi, and with those pictures are all the friends and people, gatherings, memories, that have touched his life. After the clip, everybody were screaming, and without me knowing since he was at my back, I didn’t notice that he was already down on one knee. I was indeed shocked, shaking a bit, can’t even understand what he was saying. The words came out from his mouth and I was speechless, staring at him. Everybody was looking at me, waiting for my response, then I realized, this is really happening. I was like teary-eyed and happily said YES.

February 20,2014

We had our civil marriage in the Embassy of the Philippines in Abu Dhabi. We celebrated with all our friends in a hotel afterwards.

November 29, 2014

Our second best day ever eventhough its still 5 months to go but I can already feel the excitement. Can’t wait for our honeymoon in Italy or Maldives.

How and why did you choose your suppliers?

For Pixelfish Concept, I met their team because one of the photographers was my cousins’ friend. I saw their work and was impressed. Eventhough they are just young adults, they have the talent and passion on the craft that they are doing.

For Wanderlust Productions and Elitista Basement, I saw their team and reviews about them thru Weddingsatwork group under Ms.Benz Co-Rana. I like the styling of Wanderlust and Kel Sampayan who is the leader of the team was so nice to me. He was very accommodating and indeed talented. Elitista Basement on the other hand, I chose Jen Gumban to be my HMUA for prenup shoot since I like her execution and the sophistication she gives to her clients.

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Wedding Suppliers:

Church: St.Therese of the Child Jesus Parish, Marcos- Hi-way, Antipolo City | Reception: The Glass Garden | Coordinator: Imbitado Events | Photo/Video Team: Pixelfish Concept PH | Engagement Style Team: The Wanderlust Productions | HMUA: Jen Gumban of Elitista Basement: Elitista Basement

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