Why Have a Beach Wedding?

Why Have a Beach Wedding?

Beach weddings are one way to get married. They certainly are not for everyone, but they are for some. Beach weddings do present “special issues”. Failing to consider these ahead of time could leave you unpleasantly surprised on your wedding day!

There is certainly nothing that should discourage you from your vision of a beautiful seaside ceremony. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits. Just know the issues and plan ahead for them. Your wedding day will be a wonderful and joyous event!

The “Pros”

  • A beach wedding can be less expensive than a traditional wedding. Who in this day and age can’t afford to save money?
  • A beach wedding can be a casual affair. It allows everyone to relax. Your guests can dress comfortably.
  • The wedding ceremony and reception can all be held right there on the beach. No need to travel to different locations. This is very convenient for everyone. Hey, even the kids can have fun at a beach wedding!
  • A beach wedding allows you to involve everyone in the activities. Guests are not restricted to sitting quietly in their seats. They can actually be a part of the celebration!
  • Beach weddings don’t always require a permit. If you are having a small ceremony and do not require a section of the beach to be blocked off…just do it! Simple yet lovely!
  • There is no “right” or “wrong way” to plan a beachfront wedding. It can be large, small, romantic, whimsical or even downright goofy! You can pay big bucks and hire everything out, or, you can make everything yourself. The choice is completely yours!

The “Cons”

  • The most important thing to remember when planning a beach wedding is that “Mother Nature” rules!
  • Depending on her mood, she can brighten your day or rain on your parade! When planning your celebration, be sure to plan an “alternate location” should the old girl be cranky that day!
  • The beach is usually a bit breezy so take that into consideration when picking your location. Try to choose a “cove” on the beach that is protected from direct winds.
  • Be sure to check with local authorities regarding any permits needed to use the beach. This should only be necessary if you are having a large gathering and you want to block off a portion of the beach exclusively for you and your guests. Ask to be sure though.
  • Check on the “Beach Rules”. Ask questions. Can you have candles on the beach? Can you play music into the night? How late can you stay? Is there an area nearby for open fires should you choose to barbeque?
  • There might be pets along the beach. You can expect them to attend your beach wedding, uninvited! As long as you keep food covered and don’t feed them, they will stay on the sidelines.
  • Remember the tides. You definitely do not want to be surprised by the quick and unanticipated arrival of high tide!
  • On the beach, there will be bugs and sunshine! Make sure you consider the comfort of your guests. Bring sunscreen and insect repellant for those who did not remember to bring their own.
  • Chairs may sink in the sand if you do not rent flooring to place under them. However, if you are planning a “beach blanket” reception, you will not need chairs. Remember your elderly guests though. Plan for their safety and comfort. You will need to provide them with chairs and beach umbrellas to protect them from the elements.

Beach weddings are absolutely beautiful but nature does provide an element of uncertainty. Careful planning on your part will eliminate most of them. Just remember… If every hair is not in place due to the ocean breezes or a seagull drops off his “wedding gift” a little to close to the punch bowl… These are not flaws or imperfections in your day. They are “memories”! Cherish them and have fun!

By: Cindy English from http://bridesguidemagazine.com

Every Girl’s Dream

Every Girl’s Dream

Interview with Vanessa Heussaff-Small

Vannessa & Grant

1. You did most if not all of the planning as well as crafting for your wedding would you say that it is your dream wedding that came to life?

I enjoyed the planning and the crafting. I loved being able to do all these small DIY projects. It made it personal. I am lucky to have a husband who let me have total creativity/vision of the day. Of course he did put his foot down, when ideas were a bit too crazy. It is not what I had envisioned at first, but it ended up being my dream wedding.

I loved the planning so much, that slowly working on a project to open a wedding/event planning agency soon with a good girlfriend of mine. Our qualities complement each other which will make us a killer combo

2. If you had to do it all over again, what would you have done differently? Why?

I would work with a different onsite coordinator, taken time off to source out the local suppliers to have exactly what I wanted and how I visualized it.

But at the end of the day, even though there were hi-cups on the decoration, table setting and some minor details… that’s just it they are details. What is most important is that we had our family and friends with us. On top of that everyone had a great time, we had a great time.

3. Why beach wedding? Has this been your dream concept all along?

When I would daydream of places where I would eventually get married, the sun, the sand and the sea, were components, which were always in that daydream. I was a water baby, and have always felt at home on a beach.

Plus with Grant, some of our best memories were on Boracay. It is just very “us”.

4. What is the significance of Sri Lanka? (of all places in the world) is there a story behind it?

This is something everyone has asked us. Grant proposed during a hike, on a mountaintop in the Gobi region in Mongolia. We love travelling and love adventure. We wanted a place where our guests would discover a new place.

Being both brought up of the Philippines, this would have been the obvious choice. But due to friends who are scattered around the world, and really wanting a sense of the unknown- we were looking for something different. Our good friends in Singapore kept on talking about Galle, Sri Lanka and how we would love that place. We had planned to go travel there in Feb 2013-and out of curiosity we went there over a weekend in October, just in case.

We landed at 2am and got to Galle after a 2-hour drive and arrived when it was pitch black but could hear the waves breaking at the beach. When we woke up for breakfast, we saw the view and then and there we were hooked and knew this would be the place.

The beach is untouched, it reminded us a lot of the Philippines and what Boracay was about 20 years ago. It was pristine, wild and stunning- just the backdrop we wanted.

5. Every girl has a dream wedding and in that dream there is a highlight-what was yours? Did you get the same feeling during the wedding?

In my dreams of a wedding day, I never really had a highlight moment per se. Mainly I would dream of décor, of table settings, flowers, details…although on my wedding day, yes I saw those details (trained eye due to my line of work)-

but what mattered most and the highlight of it, was the look my parents gave me when they saw me for the first time in my dress, the excitement from the entourage and something I will never forget, is Grant’s look when I was walking down the aisle to meet him.

The feeling of this moment, was always meant to be, this is my soulmate. The love, and joy you feel around you on that specific day is an incredible feeling which no description will ever do it justice.

6. Can you please share some part of your wedding vows as were thrilled with the way you and grant reacted while saying your vows to each other?

Our vows, had two similar points: we both said we were each other soulmates, and that we are very fortunate that life has given us a second chance. You see, Grant was my first real love, my first real boyfriend. We dated when we were 16 for a few years. Then life happened, we went our separate ways, lived different experiences- but always kept in touch. In 2012, I had just left Paris, moved to Singapore, new life. We basically moved in together 2 months after I arrived, engaged in August and civilly married in December.  He is my one.

The second, we both said we could not get wait to get young together. We laugh a lot, we bring out crazy ideas from each other. We like the thought of staying young and seeing, taking every new experience with fresh eyes-like a child.

7. If there’s one more thing that would want to tell Grant , what would that be?

Aside from the obvious, I would like to thank him. Thank you for knowing that we were right for each other. Thank you for waiting, for proposing the way you did, for your profound love and for the support and belief you have in me.

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Photography: Chestknots Studios | Videography: Erwan Heussaff | Bridal Gown: Jun Escario | Entourage: Boom Sason | Hair and MUA: John Valle and Solenn Heussaff | Catering: Dave Koh, Bar Stories | Invitations: Printsonalities

Animated Wedding

Animated Wedding

Interview with Jervy Santiago of Visionary Photography


It started with a simple collaboration. Fresh ideas were infused with conventional ones. In the team, it has been a constant observation amongst fellow artists that those who lack proper grounding get “lost” along the way – or at least in the industry. So, you have to be able to see immerse yourself in the market to be constantly attune with the trends.

Also, you have to remember that trends remain as trends; you have to be able to infuse your own aesthetic so you can still genuinely call your work “yours”.

Q: What reactions do you usually get from people if they see the output?

One word – amazed. Being connected to your client is important. During our brainstorming process we always see to it that they (client) have enough inputs. We make sure that they “fall in love” with the concept before we push through with the project.

It can be a challenge for us sometimes because they can’t help but expect too much. One client tried so hard to persuade us to make her look like Angelina Jolie during a fighting scene – one which required her to jump over a table, in a wedding gown… wearing stilettos!


It has always been the Archie & Friends-inspired pictorial that gets the vote. The most difficult would have to be our Dungeons & Dragons-inspired pictorial. We had to shoot the lengthy storyboard within 3 days considering that our clients are from Singapore (and first-timers in the Philippines at that!) Dungeons & Dragons is the most difficult because apparently, they haven’t settled their balances with us (hopefully YET) hahaha!

Q: As far as you know, are you the only artist in the country that offers this service?

We don’t think so.


The main similarity between us “like-minded” suppliers would have to be “the artsy side of photography”. However, unlike other photographers, we never contain ourselves to a certain look (say, the Kitschy trend). We don’t like boxing ourselves; we like to maintain our style as versatile as possible. Our themes are from sweet to grungy & everything in between.


Because we make dreams into reality, that’s why so, what’s there not to like? Kidding aside, I say, it’s still the comfort of both parties that truly matters. We go the extra mile to meet the demands of the client by asking them to draw a picture of how they want things done.

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