Gen and Joemill

Gen and Joemill

Photos by: REALITY BOX

For the prenup theme, we just want to have something related with our wedding theme, which is Paris. We’re happy that we achieved it with the help of our props and of course Jeri! He is good in styling! 😉 As I mentioned to him, he became our photographer/stylist during the shoot! 😉


Jasper and Kristine

Jasper and Kristine

July 20, 2013

Photoshoot Concept:
HEART of the PHILIPPINES – E-Session features the groom’s hometown, Marinduque

Locations in Marinduque:

  • MANIWAYA ISLAND (Residencia de Palo Maria)
  • PALAD (Sandbar)


Atty. Raymond Fortun Photography | Hair and Make-up: Lei Ponce | Stylist: Jasper Salimbangon and Posh Zara | Wedding Coordinator: Beautiful Weddings | Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Esther of Recidencia de Palo Maria | Mr. Randy and Mrs.Teresa Rogelio of Cafe Macoy

How did you come up with the theme?

We had our engagement session in two locations. First was at the Casa San Pablo in Laguna, an artist’s haven and a playground for nature lovers and second, Jasper’s hometown and heart of the Philippines, Marinduque. Both places have captivated us in a very special way. As for Marinduque, we also wanted to showcase its beautiful landscape, pristine shores and idyllic sights. It’s very romantic altogether and we had so much fun during the shoot.

What made you decide to hire your suppliers?

They were suggested by our wedding coordinators, Ann Samiado and Jason Buendia of Beautiful Weddings. They are business partners, friends and yes, our coordinator! We trust their taste and judgment!

What was the most difficult part of this engagement session?

Wedding suppliers are busy people and we know it will be a challenge to sync our schedules together. Since it’s out of town, we had to make sure that all people involved would be available to join us in our 5-day sojourn. Luckily, all of them were willing to adjust their schedules and we had a wonderful time during the e-session.

What suggestion can you give to those who are planning their own wedding?

To be creative, unique and to have fun in preparing your wedding. It’s not just the outcome that’s going to be memorable but also the preparation itself, so you have to cherish every moment. Also, as much as possible, do everything together. Make sure that both of you are happy with the suppliers.

For your wedding! Remember, the preparation is also a good practice for two people to work and think as one because soon you will be husband and wife. Always be thankful! Appreciate everyone who made your dream wedding possible. Not just your guests, sponsors and family but your suppliers as well. Treat them well because without them, your wedding will not be as what you have always imagined it to be. And the most important suggestion that we can give is to pray and thank God for everything – especially for giving you your wonderful parents. Without them, you will never meet that special someone whom you will share the rest of your forever with.

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Jasper and Kristine 2

Photoshoot Concepts:

  • Fozen Spring – Photo-loop during the main reception
  • Teal-Orient – Photo-loop during the cocktails and registration
  • Rain – Photo-loop during the after-party


AHLEKS FUSILERO Photography | Hair and Make-up: Ten Franco | Stylist: Pauline Macapagal | Wedding Coordinator: BEAUTIFUL WEDDINGS | Mr. Boots and Mrs. Ann Alcantara of Casa San Pablo | Ms. Sheila Quieta and Ms. Shiela Vidanes

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Frances and Joaquin

Frances and Joaquin


Let Marché take you back to the story of Wacky and Ces and be inspired by their promises of love.

“Today, I marry the man who brings a pocketful of sunshine into my life. Wacky, for 7 and a half years, you have taught me nothing but good… you bring out the positive in me. You showed me how a true gentleman should be and the best part is, you guide me into praying and loving God as a part of our everything…”

“I don’t know if a lifetime is enough but i will do my best to be the best man for you, for us and for our future family…”

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Photo: Nikk and Aia Photography | Video: PHOTOMNL | Catering: K by K. Cunanan | Recep: Ville Sommet| Church: Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Tagaytay

When a Groom Plans the Wedding…

When a Groom Plans the Wedding…

Interview with Angelo Santamaria (Groom)


1. Take us back to the time that you proposed, what did you do?

As if saying the words “Will you marry me?” aren’t hard enough, all of these cheesy/romantic and often over the top proposals being posted on Youtube and Facebook, has only made proposing more difficult for us men.

And as much as they would deny it, I think deep down inside, a lot of women are also wishing that their men would come up with something special that would make them feel as if they were living in their very own romantic fairy tale.

I guess I’m just lucky my fiancée wasn’t expecting any of those.

Ria and I had been in a relationship for 10 years, but we haven’t seen each other for almost 2 years since she left to work in Canada. I knew she’d be coming home sometime in June of 2011, so I thought it would be the perfect time to finally pop the question.

Everything had been going according to plan—until she decided to take her vacation in April instead. That took me out of my game plan and I had to scrap my previous plans to work out the grand proposal I had in mind, which involved a candlelight romantic dinner with singers etc. but I won’t go into more details as she might ask me to do it.

So I switched to plan B, and decided to focus instead on the most important things for her.  I asked my sister and soon to be sister in laws to find a good singer that would serenade her.

My next problem was where and when to do it. One thing I knew is that she loved her Dad very much. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet him as he passed away a year before I met Ria. So, I knew, she was going to visit her dad’s mausoleum.

Yes, I proposed to my girlfriend at her dad’s grave.

I know, its not the most romantic place to do it but its one of the most important place for my Ria, so I asked a few relatives to tidy up the place and put a few extra candles to make it a bit romantic. She finds it odd that there are lots of candle in her Dads mausoleum that time but did not really made a big deal out of it.

When it was time for me to propose, I signaled for the singer to come out and sing our theme song– (Jose Mari Chan’s Please Be Careful with my heart) and first apologized to her, since there were no fancy dinner tables or expensive gifts except for a simple bouquet of flowers and an engagement ring.

I told her, I really wanted to ask for her dad’s blessings, and felt it was the only place I could do it.

She cried and her hands were shaking as I asked her to marry me, and she said, Yes!

It was the third most memorable moment in my life— second was when I met her, topping the list was when she finally become my wife.

2. What was one very special thing about the bride that her family or friends probably doesn’t know about her?

I think most of our friends know her as very nice, friendly, funny and compassionate but when it comes to her goals she can really be strong-willed and a very tough boss.

She’s willing to make the tough calls, and even fire a staff member if she knows it is the right decision and will benefit the pharmacy. ( She works as a Pharmacy manager in Canada)

Firing people is something that I don’t think I have the guts to do, and in that sense were completely the opposite. But its also one thing I love about her, because even though she could be tough even on her mother and sister, she is just a softy when it comes to making lambing to me. She really knows how to make her man feel loved and special.

3. How did you go about planning for the wedding? Who did you contact first?

I guess, you really get to know a lot of your friends when you’re getting married. When I shared my wedding ideas to my buddies they were really excited to help me out. Since Ria was in Canada again, I really needed all the help I could get.

At the top of our list was to get a really good photographer and videographer to document the event since we wanted to preserve all the memories and share it with our kids and grandchildren.

We first booked Paul Vincent and Threelogy more than a year ahead of our wedding date.

For the venue, the credit goes to Ria as she wanted a garden wedding but we need it done in church since we are Catholic. She chose Fernbrook Gardens in Alabang as her dream venue and it was one of the best decisions we made.

That also proved to be the easiest part, because after that, I thought I became “Groomzilla.” Imagine being the one to pick the flowers, and meeting with our event stylist to discuss about themes and motifs and stuff, and how on I think my fiancée would want it. And imagine the looks we (me and my best man Froilan Flores) would get whenever we attend all those wedding expos all over Metro Manila. The only consolation we had was when we’d meet with prospective caterers and get to eat for Free! My best bud earned the right to be the best man in our wedding as he became my driver, my bodyguard, co-food taster, co planner throughout the entire ordeal. (Fist bump bro)

A word of advice to those planning to get married, invest in a great professional photographer as your photos will be the most tangible memory of how awesome your wedding day was!

4. Are you not afraid that your bride would not like some of the details you picked?

To be honest, since she was in Canada, I had to make a lot of decisions based on how much I knew her. For example, unlike most girls Ria doesn’t like Pink; so I had to avoid Pink flowers, table arrangements and other decorations with a shade of pink. Of course there were also times when I really felt the need to call her and ask for her opinion, like the gown of the entourage, but there are also other details I kept secret just to surprise her.

As they say “Mahirap na magalit si kumander”

5. What was the most difficult part of planning for the wedding?

I guess, it’s planning the entire thing without her, not being with her to experience it all together. Meeting with all the suppliers, attending those wedding expos and food tasting. I just wished we could have experienced it together.

But I’d gladly go through every single detail once again, if only to see the look on her face as she walked down the aisle. Everything paid off and I realized mahirap palang umiyak at ngumiti ng sabay.

6. Lastly, how did you know that she was the one? 🙂

That’s easy, Because I just cant imagine my life without her.

Here’s a part of my vow…

” I cant promise you all the riches in the world and I wont promise you the stars pero ang maiipangako ko mas nanaisin ko pang mamatay kesa mawala ka sa puso ko.”

My Vow:

We have known each other for more than 15 years. We have been together for 11. Kung noon mahal kita, ngayon masasabi kong hindi ko na kayang mabuhay ng wala  ka. Madalas man ang away. Madalas man ang tampuhan.

I will never ever regret any single moment when we are together.

There were moments that we almost gave up on this love. May away, may tampuhan at sisihan pero even with those kinds of trials; I never doubted na ikaw parin hanggang sa huli.

You are miss masungit. Miss bugnutin at Miss matampuhin but when we are apart, I just miss everything about you, just one smile, one lambing or just one kiss mo ok na lahat.

I cant promise you all the riches in the world and I wont promise you all the stars pero ang maiipangako ko mas nanaisin ko pang mamatay kesa mawala ka sa puso ko.

All I ever want is to grow old with you, pumuti na ang buhok or uugod ugod mamahalin parin kita..

You have always been my partner.


My heart beats for you. And on this day, the day of our wedding, I promise you this. I promise you to lay my heart in the palm of your hands. I promise you… ME…

Ako, na ipagtatangol ka.
Ako, na magiging sandalan mo.
Ako, na walang sawang mamahalin ka.

I Love you … Please always be mine forever..

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Photo: Paul Vincent Photography | Video: Mr. Bong Sare of Threelogy | H&MUA: Ms. Cherry Pacheco Uy | Coordinator: Blissful Occasion Events Organizer by Mrs. Berlyn Yap | Cake: Mr. Armand of Top Cake | Grooms Suit: Edward Teng | Event Stylist: Ms. Abhie Tan of Natural Arts | Flowers: Ms. Janet Villanueva of Scenta Flora | Invitation: Wingdingz | Church/Venue: Ms. Evelyn Flores of Fernbrook Garden | Reception: Ms. Bonnie Weinstein collection | Church: Ms. Donna Nicola collection

Every Girl’s Dream

Every Girl’s Dream

Interview with Vanessa Heussaff-Small

Vannessa & Grant

1. You did most if not all of the planning as well as crafting for your wedding would you say that it is your dream wedding that came to life?

I enjoyed the planning and the crafting. I loved being able to do all these small DIY projects. It made it personal. I am lucky to have a husband who let me have total creativity/vision of the day. Of course he did put his foot down, when ideas were a bit too crazy. It is not what I had envisioned at first, but it ended up being my dream wedding.

I loved the planning so much, that slowly working on a project to open a wedding/event planning agency soon with a good girlfriend of mine. Our qualities complement each other which will make us a killer combo

2. If you had to do it all over again, what would you have done differently? Why?

I would work with a different onsite coordinator, taken time off to source out the local suppliers to have exactly what I wanted and how I visualized it.

But at the end of the day, even though there were hi-cups on the decoration, table setting and some minor details… that’s just it they are details. What is most important is that we had our family and friends with us. On top of that everyone had a great time, we had a great time.

3. Why beach wedding? Has this been your dream concept all along?

When I would daydream of places where I would eventually get married, the sun, the sand and the sea, were components, which were always in that daydream. I was a water baby, and have always felt at home on a beach.

Plus with Grant, some of our best memories were on Boracay. It is just very “us”.

4. What is the significance of Sri Lanka? (of all places in the world) is there a story behind it?

This is something everyone has asked us. Grant proposed during a hike, on a mountaintop in the Gobi region in Mongolia. We love travelling and love adventure. We wanted a place where our guests would discover a new place.

Being both brought up of the Philippines, this would have been the obvious choice. But due to friends who are scattered around the world, and really wanting a sense of the unknown- we were looking for something different. Our good friends in Singapore kept on talking about Galle, Sri Lanka and how we would love that place. We had planned to go travel there in Feb 2013-and out of curiosity we went there over a weekend in October, just in case.

We landed at 2am and got to Galle after a 2-hour drive and arrived when it was pitch black but could hear the waves breaking at the beach. When we woke up for breakfast, we saw the view and then and there we were hooked and knew this would be the place.

The beach is untouched, it reminded us a lot of the Philippines and what Boracay was about 20 years ago. It was pristine, wild and stunning- just the backdrop we wanted.

5. Every girl has a dream wedding and in that dream there is a highlight-what was yours? Did you get the same feeling during the wedding?

In my dreams of a wedding day, I never really had a highlight moment per se. Mainly I would dream of décor, of table settings, flowers, details…although on my wedding day, yes I saw those details (trained eye due to my line of work)-

but what mattered most and the highlight of it, was the look my parents gave me when they saw me for the first time in my dress, the excitement from the entourage and something I will never forget, is Grant’s look when I was walking down the aisle to meet him.

The feeling of this moment, was always meant to be, this is my soulmate. The love, and joy you feel around you on that specific day is an incredible feeling which no description will ever do it justice.

6. Can you please share some part of your wedding vows as were thrilled with the way you and grant reacted while saying your vows to each other?

Our vows, had two similar points: we both said we were each other soulmates, and that we are very fortunate that life has given us a second chance. You see, Grant was my first real love, my first real boyfriend. We dated when we were 16 for a few years. Then life happened, we went our separate ways, lived different experiences- but always kept in touch. In 2012, I had just left Paris, moved to Singapore, new life. We basically moved in together 2 months after I arrived, engaged in August and civilly married in December.  He is my one.

The second, we both said we could not get wait to get young together. We laugh a lot, we bring out crazy ideas from each other. We like the thought of staying young and seeing, taking every new experience with fresh eyes-like a child.

7. If there’s one more thing that would want to tell Grant , what would that be?

Aside from the obvious, I would like to thank him. Thank you for knowing that we were right for each other. Thank you for waiting, for proposing the way you did, for your profound love and for the support and belief you have in me.

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Photography: Chestknots Studios | Videography: Erwan Heussaff | Bridal Gown: Jun Escario | Entourage: Boom Sason | Hair and MUA: John Valle and Solenn Heussaff | Catering: Dave Koh, Bar Stories | Invitations: Printsonalities

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