The List of Don’ts when attending a Wedding

The List of Don’ts when attending a Wedding

Marriage is a wonderful union. It’s one of the most special days for couples and they invited us to witness that celebration of love. However, most of us fail to observe the right attitude when attending a wedding and I know, most of us, Filipinos, are guilty of these wrong practices. Were you one of these?

  • Do not attend a wedding without an RSVP and do not give an RSVP when you have no plans of attending.


  • Do not give your negative comments about the wedding while still within the venue. There is never a perfect wedding, not even yours.


  • Never tell the bride that her make up is too much or her wedding dress is way too big unless it’s NECESSARY.


  • Ladies, do not wear skimpy or bodycon dresses paired with gladiator heels or 4inch stilettos unless it’s a wedding in a club.


  • Gentlemen, do not wear blue denims or round/v-neck shirts. It’s a formal gathering not a concert. You can get chinos and long sleeves from the department store.


  • Do not wear the same color as the entourage. Just don’t. (Unless the couple requires a specific theme for all the guests)


  • Do not call or text the bride and the groom asking for directions to the church or venue. You have the invitations and Google maps. Please, leave them alone!


  • Do not bother buying gifts when the invitations clearly say they prefer monetary gifts. An envelope with any amount in it would suffice. The couple will appreciate no matter how much it is.84887e32cf486baf5b7e5e51e5faa495

  • Do not compare how good your wedding was. We all have our own taste and personality. This is not your wedding.


  • Do not “take home” any floral arrangements until the program is over and when the guests started leaving the venue. If you want a take home, be patient and wait. Do not ruin the event stylist’s hard work!


14 Timeless Wedding Ring Designs

14 Timeless Wedding Ring Designs

In my years of reading different wedding blogs, I always see wedding dresses, reception venues, bridal shoes, etc. However, I seldom see styles of wedding bands. Today, let us give you some ideas on how you will design your wedding rings. These may be very simple designs but are surely timeless and elegant. What’s your pick?

0-02-01-9ce532f2b3a4232e462fed7491855bcd33eaaec27598f8ea5870e9cedf34b9c8_full 0-02-01-13cfd0f4444c1e1d36261f3e37e9db97ab4402acdf944cdbd9147307095291bb_full 0-02-01-9675af1cdf28404cc9bfc9f82def81b18332a6ea8f6fcf1adea7cb8f6cb909e9_full 0-02-01-b48f2998b5aafab556b11c07f38d0e46c7bbf9d04e23fcbcd37c834aea358327_full 0-02-01-08f5d70d52bb630ed74e542b315482a7c8254e74d1b42327c3d7f42f70390b83_full 0-02-01-f6fc99e1860004f9856898b5838d1e8d668b7daf03b2d54c003ddd4fc5e338a6_full 0-02-01-455d827409db831f41f33cb7b78d5cdfb304d340621ec26e3482e82aa462b525_full 0-02-01-b78b7b499d7414d42795797be3f97b1513a10c42280bac257e9a1d544c017a91_full 0-02-01-978e11d719e3f9b6890de557b727308b13fc75454b0d831b9ae50ad8d627ad4c_full 0-02-01-205d79aa008b1d13a6351388204690794327d5ec8573746a081c76a875a93ad9_full 0-02-01-1d420ed000867cdcd20a29a5075dcf68aeee40fe45ea55970a0efab70f2597a5_full 0-02-01-4476357b0beab0b290393fb79322c28352e170b9184f0892d0adf00557042e98_full 0-02-01-64b5100f0085e2b0773f36521a93fe131d24d19803ba51d226ed89ad0b95a1b8_full 0-02-01-ddac227d802a9e00650e79d07c9c452b958f132333a14e3fb8acb255c7ac65d9_full

12 Steal-Worthy Printed Bridesmaids Dresses

12 Steal-Worthy Printed Bridesmaids Dresses

Did you know that aside from the Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaids dress is the second most searched details on Marché? From plain white gowns, to colored ones, bridesmaids dresses are also considered to be one of the most important wedding details. It brings out the personality of the bride, her friends, and her taste in fashion. What’s your favorite from this list?

0-02-01-457049d0f6c548222ade8af062b223a480fb9c0471d9ed2bef6106c24dbcbba5_full 0-02-01-4670d9c5b96af5eb33fca618de646a010000edaaafef907846a55d4d9bcbb80d_full 0-02-01-dc182b0009fef18f155a6cbddfe747263d508c3d9ebf71ae6fcaaf2318e2a000_full 0-02-01-a19283fa7e0d6037eedc32d0c34f0a55ca687caf002d2415719acb5b00b00886_full 0-02-01-e3ac8d00d785e82cd91736167a23b207fd136cc8bf1cd63eae085b241d33af24_full 0-02-01-312bd9b3b3a3fdfa6313470f49da9f63015d25857fc1763d0b8748f4d7e75d31_full 0-02-01-0f5742270ebf3109114d59824bdf7d03cd27f849b15e82840908816c468549f6_full 0-02-01-d52e0a246737f778232156a233fe861ad73200d91b0da08c771f616f075e3095_full 0-02-01-043f70021013457265e468621ffc1455c3c00d675d812e9c87641373ff4336c3_full 0-02-01-5c98c02d7d5bba76eb7705eaf7a70efebc19f2d44e32b71d0246329b11178980_full 0-02-01-5e4bd2ffc1e0e1f6d6a513f0885973c36f45c402998b07b23c30a74dff83a671_full 0-02-01-52ddf22d16505937c23def2e619e982c598d33426eea08b1c1a987370b509e2f_full

12 Stunning Brides by Bliss N Berries

12 Stunning Brides by Bliss N Berries

What a beautiful Wednesday it is! Today, we are giving you the 12 most beautiful brides captured by Bliss and Berries. We’ve been stalking their IG account for quite sometime now and it’s about time to show our readers how this very talented team showcase their bridal portraits. So ladies, if you are still searching for that perfect wedding photographer to capture your most special day, well, it’s your lucky day!

Instagram: @blissnberries
Twitter: @blissandberries

0-02-01-02fe5b99b4441180b76ee4fcb000ba49080c2b407a114c4579300cbe37c00173_full 0-02-01-66ad76848a9bc8abbe3f9db581087085eb9ed168a2d72bdb80d19c74636b5089_full 0-02-01-5b1bf1ae1a7d583bc5478bf2b6293adb456fa35527d8f7e6affac30d9c3051bd_full 0-02-01-1f70341aff41827a557b74cd4a55a03481ef65251be6237e61533faa1b0fa39d_full 0-02-01-42f09ecaa9284a783ca376e5f4a772401e52670527fbd0c958ff316935a0a333_full 0-02-01-c95286149bc6648f0b9e50d487e421594d2d5ee398aafdec75bfd2d9af03d8b2_full
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10 Catering with Event Styling Services You Should Book

10 Catering with Event Styling Services You Should Book

MIn a time where convenience is now a primary part of designing, these caterers-slash-event stylists have offered the best possible convenience there is. It’s the best kind of “marriage” to help any wedding preparation be done quicker and with less effort. And in this time of saving, that will be their best feature.

Here are five reasons why you should hire suppliers who can carry these two responsibilities. These suppliers work around the belief that preparing weddings shouldn’t be stressful.

  1. Saves money

Instead of splitting the budget for two separate suppliers, you only get to pay a little less than what you usually do for two. Also, you can negotiate where most of the expenses should be without neglecting the quality of the other. You’ll be able to celebrate with a well-put budget.

Passion Cooks Catering

  • (632) 519-5619; (632) 801-7129
  • /
  • Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, 1739 Parañaque

0-02-01-88b5cdb952ac30705db718430316e16bc4382636c6cab143a9c69f9cde8519b7_full 0-02-01-0f240cf5fc5c17a1ac31a4aa737cf1aa323bb46e5f22c4fde84b8a6af9a088bc_full 0-02-01-75f71dbd065f03c016ab3d696bb3d7de7677e907213b97173100fff84a171cd6_full

K by Cunanan

  • (02) 952 5129
  • 103 Green Meadows Ave., 1110 Quezon City, Philippines

0-02-01-2caf9a8d7199e04c3929f5a638966de04019d4090fb1a1c56269fc494d255cad_full 0-02-01-5efe60a51777144120ee15724eaecfa588f47e835463691c98f40e7f204e2fd2_full 0-02-01-8ce90ae81f51d6979d15143bbbff3a757a207e3d18e6769806bdaf2ea7f0c231_full

  1. Saves time

Time is the key! (Hasn’t it always been?) It becomes a well-prepared-for wedding since you got one company handling two aspects of your event. The time you allot for two suppliers is cut to half. Hence, you get to focus on other matters of your wedding.

Josiah’s Catering

  • (02) 435 1214

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M Catering and Fine Foods

  • 366-6386, 217-6015, 623-7199 or 0917-840-5953

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  1. Saves effort

For both you and the supplier, that is. Instead of coordinating with two, you just get to talk to one. Information is dispersed quicker and saves you from repeating your instructions and preferences.

Tamayo’s Catering

  • (02) 526 2222
  • Plaza San Luis Complex, Gen. Luna cor. Real St., Intramuros, 1002 Manila, Philippines

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Queensland Catering Services

  • +632 8267791/ 820-7223 / 8287340-41
  • Ysabel’s Garden (Suitable for weddings & other occasions)

0-02-01-69d42e897801c8569392d000d077c21c2c651d60b64d16dcc92d80e21f2513a7_full 0-02-01-866a9bf6b1ed247f6619ca7bd2e369988b683fab6251620e9509a552be205dbe_full 0-02-01-5de8a782e2b70305ef1a72aaf0eb91fcb3e4f40dd0f223f29147849733a6dbb9_full

  1. Complementing styles

You are always assured that the event’s style complements the cuisine. This guarantees that two of the most important elements of your wedding day go well together. More importantly, if you need to have any changes done with the initial agreement, they make the necessary adjustments that will not jeopardize the overall theme.

CVJ Food Catering

  • 646-8415 / 646-6410 / 681-1682
  • #50 Eagle St. New Marikina Subdivision Barangay Sta. Elena, 1800 Marikina City

0-02-01-5f582301cc41f87ceb590da79974a3f9eeeb734ff46fcac8de19b31df759e914_full 0-02-01-63af5b1d7258127b607e1347017884a2429afa63ee4d92e263e3087272cb3992_full 0-02-01-7d52c182d71e52e0fa85482b6853df3e7b33bdb3acf12bef54516304c9e56401_full

Osio’s Catering

  • (02) 832 2575
  • 4F Gian Plaza National Highway Tunasan, 1773 Muntinlupa City

0-02-01-9185cc35d6542692c214761fc47af768854c833f28dd8bb1ad78d75ff728ea4e_full 0-02-01-155311aa380db64e70648dc49f43dfcd5632bc64e7a15b0ec64292504867ca18_full 0-02-01-17367f6f62693b13d7976edc8410e59db0df6f9963c6b588a28796d399ed4a8c_full

  1. Easy contact

Two tasks—one call. You can have one contact person to update and inquire, and you are assured that they are in-sync with the other side. Their threads are weaved together so you don’t have to worry about relaying information to two or more people.

Ibarra’s Party Venues & Catering

  • 522-9999 / 922-6868 / 986-1107 / 411-5529 / 374-8355
  • 525 Padre Faura Street, Ermita, Manila

0-02-01-99c542eb1af68ad2b5c03dfde18d095d713e88159b8d6d05771b091f7fb8f59a_full 0-02-01-687d500476b04a63249220fb9073b1dc00630c60fc39f28a4e5e0c98a96da8e3_full 0-02-01-ba65504605bd1a5e45bd220b28f9b21663e8b8aecab951475f45aa411121ca67_full


Narcissus Event Styling & Catering

  • 5868239 / 09176266344
  • 112 Dao St. (corner Chapmpaca St.), Marikina Heights, Marikina City (INSIDE Villa Ronar Garden Resort & Hotel), (NEAR St. Scholastica High School).

0-02-01-78e168abd1660e4c569f88de1b549c2743ba602effd9a6b1282b013df682d04c_full 0-02-01-379e481f8f56ba43307c4fd32665ff4ce3bb99baf7113e221333126c23df4ad9_full 11053675_630417883727180_9122038602256337397_o

5 Reasons Why You Should Stick to White Wedding

5 Reasons Why You Should Stick to White Wedding

1. It is Timeless and Classy

Even if it takes years, your wedding will never go out of style. It’s the simplest wedding color, yet, the most elegant of them all.

0-02-01-2b36988bc4dda15fa0f6612bd42328b946dd8bd14adc8b53f8fdec6c0671912a_full 0-02-01-655b8be223059a0330960a950f0a3109a6bc00d8616f20e789e10258540d453e_full 0-02-01-4e2647d4f750ba7869d08acda6a269f68372801aa6d9e885f2548e628b74c8c8_full

2. It can go with any other color motiff

Unlike any other color, you have to perfectly match the colors. With white, you can go with earth colors, loud colors, neutral colors, and our favorite, pastel!

0-02-01-033fe6c7a81c0a048c88bcd35279d998a212cc9c12d47c2c95b20e12721c8a8c_full 0-02-01-71cb48e559595a9749c9c33a9128c01bdf997386f9e3c9a0f4b4bba25aa76e04_full 0-02-01-a91838ffdf57a6ed36af11b104ced3e62196acc96d25e85a650b88984394d309_full

3. It is not too complicated to style

Whether you overdo a white wedding or make the simplest tablescapes, it will always be classy!

0-02-01-745e63ebba0b267c04726ab53c4904a268c15236adf6f2c777b79e106f196148_full 0-02-01-7913e01708707d8bb6d0663f0cdda01433cbaec9e1d50f66d359b643f3db1b8f_full 0-02-01-bcb8a8d384f5f821151a8a446fc3148591bed2c866378f4c17377a1c91502e12_full

4. Nothing goes wrong with white. Period.

Should I say more? It’s clean, pure and crisp. Done!

0-02-01-8cc2f3992ae6cfaf8615731fdf5ae0dfed98ed1e0a3db1f1b169b24d1eb8de2a_full 0-02-01-319b8461d076e6496559bc204479cc0a4af5d5b71dd2b955feb3a844fc6c7087_full 0-02-01-8ebc85ee05ffc600d1a98e04ee92b0ba21d5c110ef82b454c8692fcafad1f818_full

5. It’s perfect for any kind of season and location.

This is exactly why White wedding is the most convenient of all colors – you can have your wedding anywhere, anytime, yet the elegance remains.

0-02-01-6a953dedbc657188b020976fe660ab90c849145394ed2c7b0e41108042e72c3a_full 0-02-01-c4d9cf83cf8bea72cf3e2e905d027fe6f6bd74d998acd594e2aacde9248d0515_full 0-02-01-65c93ec23222c187f6dca4e470e8ca694463cebd45d78e516f5782a0ffbb496e_full 0-02-01-12cd6d881286754dcca3856f4e44db0be7bc2bc6f2f1f20ad69ca6e46e739008_full


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