10 Make-Up Artists You Should Know and Why You Need Them

10 Make-Up Artists You Should Know and Why You Need Them

Okay, so you’re finally getting married. Now you need to look extra pretty, but you’re not sure whether you should hire a professional make-up artist or just do it yourself. Well, here are reasons why you should hire a pro MUA:

1.) Seminars, workshops, trainings, classes…whatever term it may be put, you are assured that they have gone through a trusted process of learning. Rest assured that your beauty will be emphasized by a professional trained by another professional. Besides, if it’s your wedding day, you’d rather have your make-up done by the wise fairy godmother.

2.) In line with training, they also come with experience. Not only do they know how to handle their brushes, but they also know how to comply to their client’s demands as well. Through the various occasions they have handled, they have already sharpened their management and interpersonal skills. They are geared with the know-hows of the challenges that exist before the wedding, and makes sure you would still look your best even hours after you’ve said “I Do.”

3.) It’s in their name–make-up ARTIST. It’s guaranteed they have a growing taste for what is beautiful. Similarly, when you do your own make-up, you rely on a reflection given by an inanimate object. Make-up artists, on the other hand, are like the talking mirrors who make you the fairest of them all. Who wouldn’t want to be a visual masterpiece on their wedding day anyway?

4.) They know their products like how you know (by now) that you should hire a professional make-up artist on your wedding day. They know which works best for your skin tone, what combination lasts longer, and what brush size spreads your beauty the easiest. Always trust a pro who trusts their products.

5.) Getting married is a big occasion. Hence, convenience should be your mantra. Instead of being bothered whether everyone got their make-up done well, you can relax and just rely on your trusty MUA to run the beauty process smoothly. Not only does it save you time and energy, it also gives you peace of mind. Don’t fuss over anything else except how not to melt when everyone’s praising how beautiful you look.

And if you’re still not convinced, here’s a list of incredible MUAs to make your “Yes” worth it.

Make up Artistry by Nybie Ng


Photos by: Mark Vitasa and Jenry Villamar


Toni Aviles The Make-up Artist



Jasmine Mendiola


Photos by: Louie Aguinaldo and J Lucas Reyes


Ria Aquino


Photos by: NicePrint Photo, Pat Dy and Metrophoto


Mariah Santos Professional Makeup


Photos by: BlackTieProject and Marlon Capuyan


Make-up by Bea Almeda


Center Photo by: Wenwen Zaspa


Precious Medina Make-Up Artist


Photo by: Dino Lara and NYAPS


Make Up by GOLD



Toni Rodriguez Make Up Artistry


Photos by: BluFish Photos and Manny and April Photography


Len Anaya Freelance Make Up Artist


Photos by: Ayofoto, Jessie Raxis and Jessie Villegas

Royanne Camillia Couture’s 2016 Spring and Summer Collection

Royanne Camillia Couture’s 2016 Spring and Summer Collection

Royanne Camillia Couture proudly presents their Spring and Summer collection for 2016! The color palette of the collection is inspired by the natural hues and tones of romanticism brought by spring and summer. The subtle tones of their beautifully crafted couture pieces make it gloriously perfect to celebrate a wedding or debut in this season.

What really makes this collection dreamy is the design of every piece: each fabric and embellishment was carefully selected to bring together a dress that radiates the essence of the season.

If you picture yourself in a field of tall grass with a gentle sea breeze wafting through, and the leaves slowly bristling in the clear blue sky backdrop, this is what their designs aim to offer for their Spring/Summer Collection 2016. So whether you’re walking down the aisle or taking that big step to womanhood, Royanne Camillia Couture hopes to evoke you the life and love of this timeless season!

GFC_0980 edited GFC_1005 edited GFC_1092 edited GFC_1108 edited GFC_1178 edited GFC_1223 edited GFC_1391 edited GFC_1398 edited GFC_1427 edited GFC_1449 edited GFC_1470 edited GFC_1535 edited GFC_1538 edited GFC_1554 edited GFC_1582 edited GFC_1611 edited GFC_1629 edited GFC_1790 edited GFC_1811 edited GFC_1819 edited GFC_1839 edited GFC_1856 edited GFC_1859 edited GFC_1927 edited GFC_1963 edited GFC_1983 edited GFC_2004 edited GFC_2034 edited GFC_2055 edited GFC_2059 edited GFC_2107 edited GFC_2110 edited GFC_2144 edited GFC_2153 edited GFC_2159 edited GFC_2185 edited GFC_2189 edited GFC_2197 edited GFC_2220 edited GFC_2247 edited GFC_2289 edited GFC_2348 edited GFC_2377 edited GFC_2400 edited GFC_2417 edited GFC_2427 edited GFC_2477 edited GFC_2488 edited GFC_2594 edited


Photography: Gerald Criste | Makeup: Paulo Carantes San Juan | Hair: Raiza Hidalgo | Models: Alicia Faubel, Dianna Timmermann and Stephen Lee

10 Wedding Florists to follow this 2016

10 Wedding Florists to follow this 2016

Are you dreaming of a floral fairytale glamour to your wedding? Well, these florists will not only provide you that, but will also give a lovely symbolic significance embedded in their arrangements. Let them make you stop catching falling stars, and start catching those pretty bouquets instead. Check out these 10 suggested wedding florists you should follow this 2016:

Amante Fleurs


Pinky Salido


Wedding Errands (Cebu)


Blue Glass Project (Bohol)


Scenta Creations and Event Styling


Simple Wishes (Cebu)


Wild Reverie (Cebu)


Cuckoo Cloud Concepts (Cebu)


Zenas Pineda


Joel Faller


15 Stunning Back Details from Patricia Santos’ Designs

15 Stunning Back Details from Patricia Santos’ Designs

If you ask a bride how she feels on getting married, she would probably just describe Patricia Santos’ designs. It’s as if the elegant beadwork was not beautiful in itself already, Pat’ charms radiates even further through her superb style showcased through the poetic details and glorious symmetries. One could agree that her creations are not just beautiful by design, but also stunning because of the way they worship the bride’s beauty.

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15 Best Wedding Calligraphies from Ink Scribbler

15 Best Wedding Calligraphies from Ink Scribbler

It’s a moment of calligraphy, and almost every millennial has had a taste of the classic brushstroke. But despite the boom of this art, Ink Scribbler continues to be one of the strongest names in its field. Drawn from the passion of one Alexis Ventura, this is a team of art-loving and fun-inducing individuals who are ready to put a modern vintage flair to your wedding. They also got most of your wedding details covered, be it invitations or labels. You pretty much got that artsy wedding going. So if you picture your “I do” written in chic calligraphy, let Ink Scribbler write it for you.

4d890d643d207fe2260d3a7a0694a1831f146d9c2b0c5f18f3d6b27da601b62f f0fefe188c1453834fd5979f35f2be115dea5e384887809dd6bb48e3f8470c3f 78b68351fe143b42a6e86790f3a113be4c27c0edb846dc32b88fc17efa84b79b 9a9640d409add6f67c3f8f3a1d2234875e9a39f894c38ff5f145cd7cb38e64d5 8cf34ad24b0d7d0b97e4790677ed894ca0711d1459969877ad120bc5f7b373e2 78799273703895e070f107a5308ed9a3839ddaa1d0ef9d8c801b694a3828b9f6 436619546308a0987fd7c86b361e1b153afc12e492964677fe90bf8a93f6886c 6f79126f453eda81ff18aa9c6487886fc93dd50bcf0b55766c834e1aa8e20bc1 82c7ebe0b03a8c55a6577bfd63cbf8c768f1feb16a96b19a45e37a9790b3db80 5b0472834e20c29dfccec00a8a8afd06a2b26ebc462daf1d599c25eda63db5b1 08d7604f3c46235ed397a7280220518f97bad9711fbf48273eee2b33761bc4e6 4ac68d092c593f4a64c6ad5959022b129d923475cfc3a72e69cee26e150c2cad ad35192b30a5cbb82ef6585609e5c06054ce0318e984958acfce66c031189396 bb2692324014ec3d1721319ab4b56d55986ee00cba6d50715eda2b3996e2dc00 fe35ef9871b3899f3419bcd7bb24ef58b6affff00a781dbdc4bff3dea848ebe8

13 ways Teena Sabrina Tan rocked the bridesmaids’ dresses

13 ways Teena Sabrina Tan rocked the bridesmaids’ dresses

Passion and elegance define the gowns that Teena Sabrina Tan makes, and any bride who wears them will feel how genuine they are. It was as if she wrote an ideal bride and bridesmaids through her designs—a beautiful neckline here, a faithful pattern there—every detail comes together so perfectly! Your love story’s chapters will be narrated with every stich, every hem, and every fold. If you’re eager to strut down the aisle and show what forever means, then you might as well let Teena’s ardent skill help you with that.

fd8145f9ee42a002f2644175e6dfcc8b6ad6cb029ac8a13b98364fb02a581cce d4178ff12b7e3d4f743dc8b1b0722025b2f3dc4dc8fbbc293921696b43226904 da5ad89b4df1ca3a29d67a400aa497dcfb33a8885f7e3dbbc6fcb38d1aadcd0e 98ddcdbe45e81479d4e862448d21b1abec2d75fc8592748c2b1cbfe7536a2cc8 5767fc064cd6a34fe6b201cdd7c5bbcc18b9942febbc8a887342f75afe229a42 bf8429acce3f1beffb53c834c53d4d2d90b9398ba9f74e61318f6182a604eaac 87f8a5654cf986ba36000b2b2de58492ff18f8c5479ba41fafc124f025ff4bea 043c725bba0243b816d735f88a04a1ec6a7e6b6ffdf551113dace8a77dbe2211 1b1b004c7ce5c1d974a9ef958ffa719dd2eee2894c371f3af4b6254343d3820b f183c8d0ef2710fab2f66db34a47302b780f714f73cb00702dec7d2c3660225e a4c24a90aac999f03d0fb29069c320ad1d8da3995cdfecde8b8fee85a977f0a5 7f06dc55a425eee80360b9cbce7ed1d30f02a263c232f93c57a8d5fe2680c9b1 50ae51bde7362c24fc85c4a008c3412b174663ec99b5ddbc0ccd0d7c8027eca8

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