10 Mara Chua Designs that will leave you speechless!

10 Mara Chua Designs that will leave you speechless!

Now here’s one designer who makes sure modern elegance compliments the stages of womanhood. From adorable flower girl dresses to flowing yet powerful wedding gowns, Mara Chua stamps her designs with a distinct praise for the contemporary. Her skill for combining contrasting elements are worthy to be applauded—smooth yet bold colors, charming yet fierce folds, and quirky yet smart patterns all hail to her creative glory. Even the dresses for the flower girls tickle in beauty! Surely, the industry has earned itself a gem of a designer.



Bridesmaids’ Dresses by Mara Chua / Bridal Gown by Michael Cinco


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20 Different Tablescapes from Dave Sandoval

20 Different Tablescapes from Dave Sandoval

Tablescapes are surely one of these details you need to consider when planning the entire reception. This is why we suggest that you hire the most trusted names in the industry to pull this off. It is very important that you match all the arrangements with the lighting, linens and most importantly, the flowers! With the proper table set up based on your chosen theme, it will surely transform a simple function room to an elegant reception venue!

To make it easier for you, ladies, we gathered 20 of the best tablescapes done by the only Dave Sandoval. We have seen how Dave transformed from an all-white set up to the most sophisticated wedding reception styles! What’s your pick?

Instagram: eventstylistdave

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8 Active PH Wedding Videographers on Social Media

8 Active PH Wedding Videographers on Social Media

It has always been a part of my daily routine to watch at least 1 wedding video to keep me inspired. These wedding videographers are just few of those who consistently update their social media accounts showing their most recent works.

Just when we thought wedding photographs are enough to let us relive the butterfly, in walks the trend of videography ready to give us sentimental chills. Several videographers have to be given credit for capturing the live moments of your wedding in full quality. And if you want your wedding highlights to be like a walk through a romantic movie set, consider these names and get ready to swoon over and over again.














15 Best Bridal Shots from Mark Cantalejo

15 Best Bridal Shots from Mark Cantalejo

If there ever was a guy who can capture romance and put it in a frame, it would be Mark Cantalejo. Not only can he deliver emotions from the couples, but also present photographs in the freshest of ways—looking at his works can make one feel as if they’re the ones being married. Having a good eye for culture trained from his vast travels in and out of the country, Mark exhibits couples in their quirkiest, loveliest, and most radiant angles. Truly, one can never regret booking his photography skills, especially so when he’s got romance filtering his lenses.

I must admit, Mark creates those amazing shots, making each bride the most beautiful on their special day. While you are still undecided  about your list of suppliers, make sure you check his works today.

And don’t forget ladies, you are the queen on your big day. No one else!


Gown by Jun Escario


Gown by Cecilio Abad


Gown by Philip Tampus



Gown by Ronald Enrico


Gown by Cary Santiago


Gown by Philip Rodriguez


Gown by Ronald Enrico


Gown by Hilque Dairo



Gown by Jo Rubio


Gown by Ronald Enrico


Gown by: Ferdi Abuel


Gown by Philip Tampus


Gown by Ronald Enrico

4 Inspiring Women in the PH Wedding Industry

4 Inspiring Women in the PH Wedding Industry

The era of male-dominated business industry has long been gone. Throughout the years, women empowerment has catapulted career-driven females to lead with brains as brilliant as the gems on their necks. Setting the lens on the wedding industry, several women of style have radiated their beauty to the brides, sculpting an even stronger era of female empowerment.

In line with the International Women’s Month, Marché Wedding Magazine celebrates the greatness of women through the four of the biggest names in the industry. Not only have they portrayed the ideal woman of substance, they also pose to inspire young girls to let their minds and hearts shape their passions.


Charisse Tinio

Charisse Tinio, owner of Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings, deemed as the “Wedding Photographer of the Stars”,  is undoubtedly one of the common names in the wedding industry. Not only does she swim in the limelight of celebrities—making them shine even brighter—she also stands as a woman who pursues with passion with confidence. Even with no formal training in photography under her belt, she continues to prove her worth by diligently harnessing her team’s skills throughout the years. And no one would dare claim her hard work went nowhere, not when her team covered famous celebrity weddings like those of Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid, Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi, and various other prominent names in the showbiz industry. Charisse proves that wit mixed with hard work, and skill infused with a heart to succeed is a formula of a strong woman’s career foundation.


Feliz Lucas

Brides usually look forward to looking the best in their wedding day. However, for stylist Feliz Lucas of Lifestyle by Feliz, engagement shoots appear to be at par with it. Being one of the prime engagement stylists in the industry, Feliz creates a vibe that when it comes to beauty, there is no hierarchy in the occasion. Truly, the essence of beauty is emphasized through her skilled hands. Her clients are also assured those skills are drawn from the heart. She works with a similar motherly care drawn from the struggles of her daughter who is battling a rare kind of leukemia. This beautiful inspiration reflects through her works, assuring her clients that her skilled hands are also adorned with beautiful scratches.


Kutchie Zaldarriaga

Just looking at Kutchie Zaldarriaga’s testimonial section on her website reveals how efficient she is with her work. Her brainchild, Getting Married Wedding Coordinators and Event Planners Corp., flourishes with high compliments. It only shows that she deserves her moniker of being the top wedding planner in the country. Despite having lost her son to leukemia, she still pursued her passion to make other people’s fairy tales come true. Kutchie’s desire to be of service to others has always been evident since her early years: participating actively in organizations that catered to the welfare of others, and making sure they got it in good quality. Functioning with a fighting heart, Kutchie shines as a wonderful inspiration to women of service.


Veluz Reyes

What would the wedding industry look like without the blessing of Veluz Reyes’ craft? Not a beautiful one, obviously. Veluz is portrayed as our renowned Filipino designer, showering the industry with exquisite wedding gown designs ranging from unique beadwork and sophisticated embroidery. But even this top designer had her share of life’s pricks. Though she lost her husband last year, she continued to reflect the beauty of life through her designs. She continued to give respect to her work and stunned the industry with her creativity.

7 Reasons to hire Cuckoo Cloud Concepts

7 Reasons to hire Cuckoo Cloud Concepts

Another pride of CEBU is rocking our blog today – Cuckoo Cloud Concepts. This team is filled with all those creative ideas from engagement and event styling to creating your jaw-dropping wedding bouquets. What I really admire about them is their superb versatility that exudes from all their works. So, if you are still searching for that one perfect supplier who can do all these jobs, we listed 7 reasons why you should book them now!

1. They make the “not-so-ordinary” bouquets for your engagement shoots


2. They make you the sexiest woman with a bump.


3. They create the not-so-typical round bouquets for your wedding day.


4. They also style whimsical debuts for your 18-to-be’s.


5. Their tablescapes are something you should not miss!


6. They use details that perfectly match you as a couple.


7. They will take you out of your comfort zone to bring out the best shots!


Contact details:

  • Address: B105 Tango Plaza, Queens Rd Cebu City, Philippines
  • Mobile: (63) 998 848 8355
  • Website: http://www.cuckoocloudconcepts.com/


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