“After all these years, well who would have thought? Everything started in circa 2004 when we were both classmates in senior high. We were one of the love teams in our class. Well it was nothing serious, most of it was for fun, to spice up tedious tasks and monotonous activities. But little did everyone know, we were eyeing on each other even before the so called “love team” started. We both admitted we really liked each other a lot, but it was complicated to be together. We slowly lost touch soon after high school– had separate lives and mistaken commitments, but over 7 years later, after Facebook chitchats and several SMS conversations, things just gradually fell into its perfect place. We finally found the person we want to be with every day from sun up until sun down, the person we want to grow old with and the person we want to be with for the rest of our lives. From the moment we knew we were for each other, we believe that there’s nothing that will ever keep us apart again.

After all these years, well who would have thought?” – Paolo and Donna

Wedding Suppliers:
Church: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish | Reception: Grand Men Seng Hotel | Make-up: Otoi Mercado | Coordination and Decoration: Pinktouche House | Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions | Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions







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