Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga Engagement Shoot by Metrophoto

The long wait is over! The official engagement photos of Paul and Toni is finally out! In as much as we would like to say anything, we want to give respect to the man behind this successful shoot – Oly Ruiz. Here are the words written on his blog:

“It would have been so expected for me to make this post extra special. After all, it is the pre wedding photos of Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano – no one I personally know is more well-known. It would have also been so easy to glorify the shoot and say how extra ordinary their love is. But you know, there is no point exalting what is straightforward, no use to colour the undisguised, just present them as how they are and lay it on the line. 

Having witnessed and shot hundreds of love stories, I see that theirs is no different – unpretentious and real. Each of us may be engulfed with who we are and what we do with our lives but at the bottom of it all, we love for all the same reasons. I greatly admire Toni and Paul’s conscious effort to not make their wedding such a circus, that they realise what is truly important despite who they are and where they are now. This allows people to see beyond everything and just how amazing they are together.

So before Toni and Paul lay everything on the line on their up-coming wedding, allow us to show you a glimpse of a love that is as real as Toni and Paul’s. Enjoy. 

Special thanks to Krist Bansuelo for Toni’s Make-up, Macy Diodido for Toni’s Hair, AJ Alberto for styling and Mike Lavarez for our set-design. Wedding planning by Rita Neri.” – OLY RUIZ



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