Top 14 Philippine Wedding Gown Designers

Top 14 Philippine Wedding Gown Designers

The Philippines is a home of young and talented wedding gown designers. It never ceases to amaze us when we see some of their works become viral on social media especially on Pinterest and Instagram. We even had a hard time choosing the best ones becasue they are all different and not to mention, oh so beautiful! So as part of our 2015 Marché Catalogue, we want to help our brides-to-be choose that perfect dress. With the help of our friends in the wedding industry and some couples we met online over the past 2 years, we asked them to list down their top wedding gown designers based on their works, creativity, timeliness and professionalism. We know you are all excited to find out our TOP 14 so here they are (in alphabetical order). How about you? Who is your favorite?

“I must say BKS is one of the most realiable wedding gown designers. He’s a genius. He listened to what I wanted and he made it even better, oh wait, PERFECT!”

“We saw Cecilio Abad when one of his works circulated on Pinterest. I thought it was created by someone not in PH. So when I finally clicked the link and saw that he was from the Philippines, without any second thought, I knew I found my designer”

“At first, I never believed she is Claiza. She looked so young but that young-looking face made that jaw-dropping gown I will forever treasure for the rest of my life”

“Emil, if you are reading this, I want you to know that you are the greatest! You made a perfect fit dress and thank you so much for making my dream wedding gown”

“I saw Gretchen‘s works from a friend of mine. Fell in love with every detail. The beading, the lace, the train were all perfect! So when I finally planned our wedding day, she was one of the first suppliers we booked, no questions asked!”

 “All I can say is that Jazel doesn’t just have the talent but she is one of the most professional wedding suppliers I’ve worked with. Her designs are amazing! Always on time during fitting, gave the best ideas and made the best dress I’ve ever worn in my entire life!”

 “I do hope Mel Orlina makes it to your list because brides-to-be need to see her works. I want to share the feeling I had walking down the aisle wearing my Mel Orlina Gown. Girls, you gotta try it!”

 This young lady is not just a head turner! I literally had tears during my first fitting because the dress fits perfectly and it’s beautiful! No wonder why celebrities wear your creations because they are just simply gorgeous! Congrats Pat and I can’t wait to see more happy brides because of you!”


Rosa Clara – A Spanish brand but has become a Filipina Bride favorite! 

“I have always dreamed of having that white simple elegant dress and I have always dreamed of having a Rosa Clara. Glad that we have it in here in Manila. I don’t know but whenever I see their gowns, I know exactly it’s a Rosa Clara and I have one.”

 “For me, what makes Vania different from other designers is that she makes an elegant dress without all the heavy beadworks and fabric. Her classic designs make me want to get married over and over with my husband.”

“Who would say no to VELUZ? Imagine the feeling of waking up each day, with the man of your life and a VELUZ in your closet! One of the best investments EVER! It’s classic!”

 “I love VeeJay‘s works because she has this certain style that makes a wedding gown standout. Her attention to details, unique designs, creative ideas are the best! She made sure that every fitting was done the right way even if we’re miles away”

 “Von Lazaro is one name you have to prioritize on your list of wedding suppliers. Need I say more? Check out his Instagram account, you will understand why.”

“I have always loved Zandra Lim. I think she’s the sweetest, that’s why she makes the sweetest-looking brides! I know every Zandra Lim bride will agree that her designs are made perfectly for a queen!”

Eman and Jas

Eman and Jas

Video by: Treehouse Story

To this I am certain: you are my partner, my lover, my very best friend, my gift from God.
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
Together, we will go through the battles in life and will stand by each other’s side.

These words from Eman and Jas are captured complete with the elations of their hearts because of the ardent videography skills of Treehouse Story. Tears were clear, smiles were genuine, and the beauty of the whole wedding shone with the love that radiated from the “I do’s” of Eman and Jas. Surely, no rain could stop a love story heading to its happily ever after with Treehouse Story’s creativity around.

Coordinator: Detalye Weddings and Events
Photo: Jaja Samaniego
Flowers and styling: Gideon Hermosa
Catering: K by Cunanan Kaye Cunanan Gonzales
Host: Atom Ungson
Gown: Veejay Floresca
Lights: Sensitivity Lights

Madore Veejay

Madore Veejay

Photos: RV Mitra Photography

The fabrics that flowed through the experienced hands of Veejay Floresca emerged as gowns of exquisite caliber. That, plus RV Mitra’s powerful eye for beauty, revealed a collection that stood as a bride’s dreamy wedding wonderland.

“I am a designer who aims to touch people’s lives through designing clothes. For me it’s not just about selling clothes, it’s also being part of someone else’s life. And I have two labels: FLORESCA, which is my very modern but wearable fashion line for women, where I design clothes for Spring and Holiday or Fall/Winter seasons; and the other one is my bridal line, MADORE and CUSTOM FLORESCA, which came out from my love of designing wedding gowns because I get to work with happy people who are excited and in love and I enjoy the positive vibes from them.

I don’t design a perfect gown and I don’t believe that it exists. For me, “perfect” is boring, but imperfections make something more interesting. My designs are distinct because of my understanding of what is relevant today.

When it comes to weighing professionalism, I believe that it is important to keep the balance between art and business.

“NOW” is that one word to describe my work because I exist today and so I design what is relevant today that eventually become classic.”

Veejay Floresca

Veejay Floresca

Veejay Floresca
Twitter: @veejayfloresca
Instagram: @veejayfloresca
Manila +63 917 5013535
San Francisco +1 415 5839663

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