The List of Don’ts when attending a Wedding

Marriage is a wonderful union. It’s one of the most special days for couples and they invited us to witness that celebration of love. However, most of us fail to observe the right attitude when attending a wedding and I know, most of us, Filipinos, are guilty of these wrong practices. Were you one of these?

  • Do not attend a wedding without an RSVP and do not give an RSVP when you have no plans of attending.


  • Do not give your negative comments about the wedding while still within the venue. There is never a perfect wedding, not even yours.


  • Never tell the bride that her make up is too much or her wedding dress is way too big unless it’s NECESSARY.


  • Ladies, do not wear skimpy or bodycon dresses paired with gladiator heels or 4inch stilettos unless it’s a wedding in a club.


  • Gentlemen, do not wear blue denims or round/v-neck shirts. It’s a formal gathering not a concert. You can get chinos and long sleeves from the department store.


  • Do not wear the same color as the entourage. Just don’t. (Unless the couple requires a specific theme for all the guests)


  • Do not call or text the bride and the groom asking for directions to the church or venue. You have the invitations and Google maps. Please, leave them alone!


  • Do not bother buying gifts when the invitations clearly say they prefer monetary gifts. An envelope with any amount in it would suffice. The couple will appreciate no matter how much it is.

  • Do not compare how good your wedding was. We all have our own taste and personality. This is not your wedding.


  • Do not “take home” any floral arrangements until the program is over and when the guests started leaving the venue. If you want a take home, be patient and wait. Do not ruin the event stylist’s hard work!




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